Concordia University, Nebraska
Email and web pages for students, alumni and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  1. Who may have an account?
  2. How much does this cost?
  3. How long may I keep my account?
  4. Are there any limitations?
  5. How do I change my password?
  6. What do I do if I forget my password?
  7. Is my password safe?
  8. Do you ever need to know my password?
  9. How much space is available?
  10. How do I find someone's email address?
  11. Why do I keep going back to the login screen?
  12. Should I use anti-virus software on my computer?
  13. May I run Linux or other operating system in the dorm?
  14. Is software provided for my computer?


  1. How do I register my device for Internet access?
  2. Will all devices work on the network?
  3. How do I configure my computer for wireless network access?
  4. Where may I access the wireless network?
  5. May I use my own wireless LAN?
  6. What if my network connection is not working?
  7. What does my computer need for the network?
  8. How do I configure my computer for wired network access?
  9. How do I find my computer's MAC address?
  10. Why doesn't my web browser display any web sites?
  11. Will Concordia set up my computer for me?
  12. Can I set up a web server or other service?


  1. How do I use the web interface for email?
  2. May I change the name used for my email address?
  3. How do I access email with my own device or program?
  4. Can I get educational discounts with my email address?

Internet Usage

  1. How do I check my Internet usage?
  2. How do I read the usage information?
  3. How current is the usage information?
  4. How much can I transfer to or from the Internet?
  5. When does my usage reset?
  6. What happens when I have used the total amount?
  7. Why isn't 100% an even number?
  8. Why is my Internet usage more than I expected?
  9. Is it possible to add more bandwidth to the Internet?

Web Pages

  1. How do I create web pages?
  2. How do I upload web pages?
  3. How should web pages be named?
  4. How do I access my web pages?
  5. Why can't I see the latest changes to my web pages?
  6. Can web form results be mailed to me?
  7. What hidden fields does FormMail recognize?
  8. May I write scripts in Perl, PHP or other language?